Bio-Pek’s core mission and primary focus is three-fold:

  1. Above all else – Customer Satisfaction

  2. Building a strong and long lasting relationship with our customers

  3. Offering Fair and Value-Based pricing both initially, as well as in the future for replacement equipment



Our motto is, “Global Reach – Local Touch”. We can help no matter where you are in the world and WE will provide service and support as if we were right next door



Kevin Peck - President

Please feel free to contact me at any time from the contact page or through email at:

Bio-Pek International is a Laboratory Equipment Distribution Company with over 20 years of experience providing high quality equipment to the international marketplace. We focus on Vivarium / Laboratory Animal Facility equipment as well as Controlled Environment equipment such as Stability Chambers and Rooms, and isolator/bio-containment equipment. The primary markets that we supply via our extensive distributor network are universities, hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.