Insect Rearing Chambers 


Insect Rearing or Drosophila Chambers  are designed specifically for rearing mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. Offering exceptional temperature, humidity, and lighting control for active experimentation or housing stocks.


Insect rearing chambers are equipped with microprocessor-based temperature controllers, each offering dual digital displays (actual value and set value), straightline PID control, audible high/low alarms, and remote alarm connections. Our reach-in chambers employ thermoelectric cooling, and a high capacity circulation system to ensure uniform air distribution and exceptional uniformity from top to bottom throughout the chamber. Thermoelectric cooling offers exceptional reliability, completely eliminating refrigeration leaks and compressor failures, with a mean life expectancy of more than 20 years per unit. Standard temperature range is 18c-32, but extended temperature ranges available upon request.  We also offer a 80c high temp decon cycle to kill of mites or other parasites.


Very precise humidity control is also available with control  of +/-.5% RH by employing an Ultrasonic humidity system. Ultrasonic humidification provides increased energy efficiency and precision in humidity control compared to traditional steam boilers.


Our double wall chambers with stainless steel floor come in many sizes from a single door 23 cu. ft. (650 liter) to a triple door 72 cu. ft. (2000 liter) capacity.

Options Available

 Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior                           Circular Chart Recorder

Programmable Light Cycle      Sliding Doors

Digital Data Logging and Notification System             Water Carboy with Tubing

Mite Decontamination Cycle                                         Extended Temperature Ranges