Lab Animal Caging

Bio-Pek provides a wide range of high quality, long lasting lab animal caging that can be customized to what your organization needs.



Ventilated (IVC) and non-ventilated caging

We offer a multitude of different ventilated and non-ventilated caging. M.A.C.S offer a range of modularity and customizability that can easily meet any needs.


Poultry and avian caging

Choosing the right caging for what you need is important and that's why we offer many different types of poultry and avian caging options.




Large Animal Caging 

Large Animal Caging includes different types of caging for Rabbits, Pig/Swine, and Dogs. No matter what you need, we have something for you.


material handling equipment

We offer Shelf Racks, Bottle Baskets, Carts, and more! Anything your organization needs to be succesful in your endavour.