Ventilated (IVC) and Non-Ventilated Caging Systems for Rodents


Unlock the full potential of your rodent rooms with Alternative Design's MACS

The First and Only Modular Ventilated Rodent Caging System


What do you want your animal rodent room to do?

  1. Improve workflow within the animal rooms?
  2. Improve Labor efficiency?
  3. Increase cage density?
  4. Provide greater flexibility?
  5. Provide the BEST Micro-Environment for your animals?
  6. Easy cleaning and autoclaving of all interior and exterior surfaces?
  7. Maybe all of the above?

MACS is the perfect ventilated caging system for all of the above and more!

Mix and match different frames, vertical plenum, cage styles, and air delivery systems to best fit your room and your objectives. As well as easy and thorough washing and autoclaving of your IVC:



Frame and vertical plenum options

Mobile Single or Double Sided Frames


Wall Mount Frame


Removable Vertical Plenum or “Vertical Stack”

              Rat or Guinea Pig Vertical Stack with cages                                 Mouse Vertical Stack with cages     


Choose the appropriate vertical stack for your frame: Mouse, Rat, Guinea Pig, Large Mouse or perhaps a combination!


Ventilated and Static Caging Options


Ultra Air (UA) mouse cage 502 or 520 sq cm floor space includes many features preferred by customers such as cage closing clamps, external water bottle, air tight seal and filter top.



Gentle Air (GA) mouse cage. Simple but effective! Our best selling ventilated cage. A simple design without a lot of extra parts to worry about yet still provides superior micro environment in each cage. You can easily go 14+ days between cage changes.



Flex Air (FA) mouse cage. Patented laminar airflow technology and integral seal in the cage top make the FA cage by far the best performing ventilated cage on the market today. Operating at only 30 Air Changes per hour (AC/h) and providing an effective barrier against contamination both into and out of without the use of cumbersome and expensive filters on the cage.



Various larger ventilated cage sizes available for Rats, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters.

Air Delivery Options

Halcyon Air Tower (Separate, Stand Alone Air Handling Unit (AHU))


Support 320 mouse or 120 rat cages or combination

Displays and records all parameters

 Air flow, air pressure, temp, humidity

Built in wireless functionality for real time remote monitoring and alarm notification

  Built in battery backup optional




Rack Mounted AHU with Supply and Exhaust Module




Supply AHU Module with Direct Connect Exhaust to HVAC